our mission

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mainstream media can be repetitive and controlled. as a result, aspiring creators may find it difficult to get their work out there, especially if it’s unorthodox and against the norm. at wonders, we appreciate the vast scope of art. it is therefore our mission to showcase the wonders of art made my all types of creatives. 


our zine embodies the admiration of art in all its many forms. the digital prints we produce showcase the talented work creators can produce when given the freedom to make content. we admire the wonders of art free from reign.

wonders is the personal project of a young woman of colour that aspired to see more appreciation for diversified content. tired of seeing the same media that was considered 'popular', she created a platform to showcase original art created by original people.

meet the founder

nice to meet you, i'm kat 

let’s keep this short and sweet. i’m 23, from the UK, and adore art in all its forms. i’m a child to immigrant parents, an open feminist, and a sucker for dumb memes. 


as a recovering academic (MA in communications and marketing), i take great pleasure in communicating innovative and novel ideas with audiences about interesting, yet important topics. i especially relish in exploring areas regarding art and culture, and discussing the various ways they influence viewers in every day life, hence the creation of wonders zine.


you can connect with me on instagram.