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artist portfolio: brecht lanfossi

Artist: Brecht Lanfossi

Age: 29

Location: Nederzwalm-Hermelgem, Belgium

Instagram: @nozem.art

Website: www.artstation.com/artwork/oOLn2m

"Brecht is a surrealist collagist/digital painter inspired by dream-like and psychotic consciousness free of reason and convention. A way to interpret his work is to consider each work as a scene in a sort of vague state of mental functioning where symbolism dominates the whole experience itself. On the other hand, he believes that it would be complete nonsense trying to answer the conundrum concerning his aesthetic creations."

Brecht's works has been published in Issue 02 of Wonders Zine


dopamine digger



beyond ones depth

reality is a simulation




zero calories

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