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artist portfolio: paulina mcgrath

Artist: Paulina McGrath

Age: 24

Location: Boston, US

Instagram: @paulinammcgrath

"I'm a young twenty something, and I think my current style is working to capture the playfulness and vibrance of that age. Nothing needs to be taken that seriously, you're not completely polished, there's a sense of being carefree that we'll miss when we're older. That's the life and energy I hope to capture.”

“I am still working on defining my style, but I gravitate towards finding raw moments or emotions and capturing mundane things in a way that make them interesting or emotional. I love to shoot portraits with personality - a 2am candid of my roommate when "her song came on", a staged shot with a black tear grounded in a very real sadness, or a concert with a hairbrush microphone. I am also an avid plant lover, and shooting the details in their leaves and highlighting their colors gives them a whole new therapeutic purpose. My submission here is DSLR and instant - my style is also defined by using several different mediums to tell a story.”

Paulina's works has been published in Issue 01 of Wonders Zine


bad bunny

lace up

lemon surprise

the process

good morning


pilea party

cherry bomb


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