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artist portfolio: selina farzaei

Artist: Selina Farzaei

Age: 18

Location: Montreal, Canada

Instagram: @wackography

Website: www.wackography.com

"Growing up in the suburbs of Montreal Island, I found inspiration in shitty things; dead flowers, polluted river water, construction sites. Although I like to explore, experiment and share various forms of visual art, analog photography remains my favourite. I believe in limitless creation at a minimal cost, often using recycled or thrifted materials in my work."

Selina's full works will be published in Issue 01 of Wonders Zine

Reflecting, 2020

The Same Flock 2, 2020

A Light Study, 2020

Last Rays of the Day, 2020

No Cool People Allowed, 2020

Backyard Bully, 2019

Twisted Portrait, 2020

Fog, 2019

Reversed, 2020

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