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chat room: flowerovlove

Welcome to the chat room; an on-going series created by Wonders Zine. We aim to know artists better through asking about their creative processes, inspirations, and goals.

This chat room feature explores flowerovlove.

photo credit: @flowerovlove (edited by Wonders)

Singer: Joyce Cisse

Age: 15

Location: London, UK

Instagram: @flowerovlove

Here at Wonders Zine, we had the absolute delight of chatting to flowovlove; an incredibly talented up-and-coming singer from London. With the recent release of her new single 'Unseen Miracles', we chat to the song-writer about breaking into the music industry, her musical influences, and what 'love' really means to her.

Hi flowerovlove! What's the meaning behind your name?

This is such a great question, the meaning behind ‘Flowerovlove’ is that flowers blossom, so it represents me blossoming, growing, and evolving. The ‘love’ reflects me loving everything - I’m a massive lover, I’m so grateful to just be existing on this planet.

photo credit: @flowerovlove

What inspired you to start a career in the music industry?

What inspired me was the atmosphere and environment I was in; living in London is so beautiful and there’s so much to get inspired by. Hearing music also inspires me so so much because when I hear a song that I love, I know that: ‘I’d love to make a song that makes people feel the way I do when I hear this song’.

You’re only 15 and you’ve achieved so much! Did you experience any struggles trying to break into the music industry at a young age?

At first I found it was difficult to make time to record and get everything done, but quarantine opened up a massive window for me. When I go back to school I will be juggling, but I’m used to the format of releasing now so I’m good. I’d advise people: to always be confident in your music and promote it well, do your research, because everything you make is a banger. Be true to yourself and live for you. 

photo credit: @flowerovlove

Describe your music in three words?

Flowerovlove, Feely, Earth

Who are your biggest influences?

My biggest influences are Alvvays, Blondie and Boy Pablo; amazing artists whose music I actually feel and connect with. A lot of songs with electric guitar also make me feel a huge sense of nostalgia. 

Quick! You’re about to go live on stage and have to sing a song from memory alongside the original artist - who do you pick and which song?

I pick Blondie and ‘heart of glass’ because it would be so much fun, and being in that energy would just be absolutely fabulous.

photo credit: @flowerovlove

Tell us about your single ‘Unseen Miracles’ - what inspired it?

‘Unseen miracles’ is a fabulous song, it’s very ‘hair blowing in the wind’ - that’s how I always refer to it because that’s I feel when listening to it. The song is about building yourself and growing from situations. 

What does your creative process look like when creating music?

My creative process when creating music is either creating a storyline that I want to present in the song or whatever comes to my head. That’s literally it.

We see that you adore fashion! does fashion impact your music?

For now my interest in fashion hasn’t impacted my music - I might incorporate it in some future songs, but for now it hasn’t seemed to come up.

photo credit: @flowerovlove

Our theme for our next issue is ‘love’ - what does love mean to you?

Love to me is appreciating everything, peacefulness and nature.

What’s next for you? Any big projects coming up?

I will be releasing more music and I won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Anything else you’d like to say?

Thanks for having me!!! I wish everyone happiness and success. Have a great day!

You can listen to flowerovlove's new single on Spotify now:


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