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chat room: kehli interview

Welcome to the chat room; an on-going series created by Wonders Zine. We aim to know artists better through asking about their creative processes, inspirations, and goals.

This chat room feature explores KEHLI.

Singer: Kelly Irwin

Age: 19

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Instagram: @kehlimusic

Wonders Zine had the absolute pleasure of chatting to Kehli; an emerging music artist from Dublin, Ireland. With her single 'Hypnotized' recently released, it was a delight to chat to KEHLI about her music, her inspirations, and the journey she's been through.

Welcome KEHLI! What a delight to have you here! So, let's start - what inspired you to start a career in the music industry?

K: I’ve always been involved in music since a young age and throughout the years it just progressed from a hobby to wanting it to be a career.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt during your music journey?

K: To stay true to yourself and speak up for what you want.

Let's talk about your actual music! Describe your music style in three words?

K: Pop, soulful, electro.

What’s your favourite song that you've made? And what song do you like to perform the most?

K: Close to You would be both at the moment - I love performing it as it’s very different to my songs that are out at the moment.

Check out Close to You on Spotify:

Who are your biggest influences?

K: I find inspiration in a lot of different artists, so I find this question very hard lol but Beyonce has always been a huge influence in going forward with music as a career, as I’ve watched her since I was a kid. Seeing her where she is now gives me drive.

Queen B is amazing! Speaking of other artists, who would you love to collaborate with?

K: Bazzi for sure. I’m so obsessed with him and his vibe. 

Let's dig a little deeper - what does your creative process look like when creating music?

K: I always go to London, which I’m so grateful for as the music scene over there is amazing and the people I’ve worked with over there are incredible. Long studio days which are my favourite - I love being in that environment and creating with such talented people.

How do you think zines have impacted the music industry? 

K: I think zines have a great sense of expression and are a very creative form of magazine. They give lots of great artists opportunities for exposure especially new and upcoming artists like me who may find it hard to get the attention of more mainstream magazines. It’s also a cool way to stay up to date with local culture and the chance to discover new music.

Very well said! And lastly, what's next for you? Any big projects that are coming up?

K: I have a collaboration coming out which I’m so excited about. Definitely an EP/album and back to studio soon so more music.

You can listen to KEHLI's latest release on Spotify now:


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