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fashion: in solidarity with sustainability

Author: Rana Rastegari

Age: 16

Location: London, UK

Instagram: @rana.rastegari (personal) @rosevesture (fashion)

Our theme for Issue 02 is Solidarity; the unity of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest. In this article, we are featuring an important piece of work submitted by Rana who explains the dangers of fast fashion and why sustainable fashion should be encouraged for its environmental benefit, along with six recommended brands.

"The title of my submission is ‘in solidarity with sustainability’ and it is a short guide and lookbook to ethical fashion, something I’m very passionate about. I have looked into 6 brands who are creating clothes sustainably and written about them. I hope that my piece will encourage others to lower their purchases from fast fashion brands and bring about awareness to the issue in order to ensure a balanced, fair future for fashion."

Mother of Pearl - Website | Instagram

Marine Serre - Website | Instagram

Subrina Heyink - Website | Instagram

Theory. - Website | Instagram

Most Prominent Co. - Website | Instagram

Chopova Lowena - Website | Instagram

Rana's short guide will be published in Issue 02 of Wonders Zine

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