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At Wonders Zine, we believe in promoting emerging artists in order to help spread their work to a wider audience. Top Floor Management is a music management company also devoted in helping emerging musical artists reach wider audiences. We had the delightful opportunity to talk to Top Floor, and this article will tell you more about their mission, founder, and their new emerging artists.


Top Floor Management is a management firm in Chicago, Los Angeles that aims to support emerging artists with the development, production and handling of their music. Founded by Kyle Reynolds in 2017, he believed everyone should have the opportunity to fulfil their musical ambitions and surpass their potential.

Website: topfloormanagement.com

Instagram: @topfloormanagement



With a beloved interest in song writing and rapping, Kyle always knew he wanted a future in the music industry. However, he knew that success also required certain resources and opportunities that were not readily available to him. Kyle used what he had available, and slowly began to build a network through the use of influence and social media, along with developing relationships with similar artists. When he saw the potential and drive within these artists, he used his resources in his newly-built network to help them achieve success. Today, Kyle continues to assist new artists from around the world; giving them opportunities in the music industry that he didn’t have.

You can see more of Kyle on his instagram here.


Below are some of artists from around the world that Top Floor currently manage.


Born and raised in a small town located on the east coast of Australia, singer/song writer Peri Crawford grew up with the life-long dream of being a successful vocalist. She made strides towards this goal with the release of her debut EP Think Too Much in 2019. The EP was heavily influences by both pop and RnB genres, and serves as a beautiful first project. Peri credits the EP for allowing her to discover her true direction she wants to take for her music and is excited to further explore the world of RnB, as that is what truly speaks to her.

You can find more of Peri on her Instagram here.


Deezy Dior is an Elkhart, Indiana based artist with a brilliant, versatile style. His sound is reminiscent of RnB stylings like that of Bryson Tiller, with the switch up rap persona of Roddy Rich. Deezy’s storytelling ability allows him to share the struggles he faced in losing friends to death and imprisonment. With a strong emphasis on melody, Deezy paints a vivid illustration of his story with each song release. Before finding his shine in music, Deezy thought his calling was playing Basketball, but after discovering his talent behind the mic, he left University to pursue a career in music. With his like My Zone already on SoundCloud, and an EP soon to follow, Deezy is just getting started with a bright future that’s sure to catch the ears and hearts of music lovers soon.

You can find more of Deezy on his Instagram here.


Aiyana Hunt is a 20-year-old singer/song writer/producer and music student from Brighton, UK. Her sound is influenced by a variety of genres, yet she maintains her own unique pop-like sound in each song, giving it an individual touch. Her one of a kind music is portrayed not only through her melody, but also through her honest and raw writing style that touches on her own life experiences, as well as the lives she sees around her. Aiyana’s lyrics are clearly authentic to herself, and this is perhaps what makes her music so interesting and relatable; every song has a story. Aiyana is a motivated and passionate musician and has lots of new music set to be released in the foreseeable future – her career is only just beginning!

You can find more of Aiyana on her Instagram here.


Zuko is a London-based artist specialising in a niche, Hip-Hop sub-genre known as ‘melodic trap’. Inspired by his own experiences within London’s nightlife and underground culture, his unique artistry can be traced to the stylistic influence of Kanye West, Travis Scott and 6lack. Released in 2019, his debut EP Pursuit of Happiness provides a crystalline look into his lives realities, and uses aesthetic-engrossed lyricism and ambient production to aid in the development of his hallucinatory storytelling. As an up-and-coming force within the alternative trap soundscape, Zuko is a soon-to-be front-runner in Hip-Hop’s next generation.

You can find more of Zuko on his Instagram here.

To find out more about Top Floor Management, you can visit their Instagram here, or you can head over to their website here.

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