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film friday: time

Wonders are happy to introduce film friday! A weekly feature every friday where we recommend some of the best films from different, yet niche, genres for you to watch over the weekend.

Since we cannot believe it's already July, for our first feature, we will be focusing on the best films that are about time. We hope you enjoy the following five films we've recommended that are all about time-travel.

Back to the Future (1985)

Our first recommendation is truly a blast from the past (excuse the time pun). A high school student is accidentally sent 30 years back in time by his close friend, a crazy scientist. If you haven’t seen this fun and family favourite that came out 35 years ago, what are you waiting for? Back to the Future is a vibrant, spirited time-travel story populated by incredible characters and hilarious gags. The film’s pacing is immaculate with not a boring moment in sight, as the story flies from beat to beat with heart and care. The protagonist’s journey in visiting his parents in their youth hits home in an enlightening revelation that your parents were once young too. Back to the Future is a timeless classic that is one of cinema’s greatest treasures. We recommend watching all three films in the trilogy!

Arrival (2016)

This film is a complex and thought-provoking watch that makes you question the existence of your reality in time. When twelve extra-terrestrial space crafts hover over different locations around Earth, a linguist works with the military to communicate with the alien lifeforms to understand them. Heart-breaking yet haunting, the story is deeply meditative, philosophical and introspective that contemplates the conflicting behaviour of human nature. You will be gripped on the edge of your seat from start to finish, realising that intellect and compassion will be humanity’s saviour, whilst being in admiration of the film’s talented acting, spectacular cinematography, and intricate plotting.

Groundhog Day (1993)

Imagine you find yourself living the same day over and over and over again. Not ideal, right? Well, this happens to an egocentric and arrogant weatherman covering an annual Groundhog Day event in Pennsylvania, who becomes trapped in a never-ending time loop that forces him to repeat February 2nd. This 90s classic is a fascinating blend of heartfelt narration, along with clever writing and a remarkable use of humour. The witty and original concepts explored in the story makes this film one of the finest comedies of all time. In this 24 hour loop, you follow the protagonist’s confusion, frustration, hedonism, depression and acceptance of his fate, but ultimately re-examines his life and his priorities. If you want to watch a wonderfully heartfelt and surprisingly hilarious film that has all the elements of romance, humour, fantasy, and drama – this is the film for you.

Interstellar (2014)

It was literally impossible for us to not mention this film, as it’s one of our favourites of all time! Set in a dystopian future when humanity is struggling to survive, a team of astronauts travel through a wormhole in space in search for a new home to ensure humanity’s survival. You might not believe us when we say this film will leave you speechless, dazed and thrilled after watching it, but trust us, it will. We believe that watching a film should be an experience, and Interstellar falls nothing short of that. Filled with discovery and uncertainty, the story follows the intimate love and connection between a father and daughter relationship attempting to reunite through the use of time. In blending the core aspects of humanity with the far outreaches of space, the ending is satisfyingly pure, wholesome and stupendously emotional.

About Time (2013)

Our last recommendation is a heart-felt one. If you want the equivalent of a warm hug in the form of a film, then its About Time you watched this film (okay, last time pun, I promise)! The story follows a young man who discovers his ability to travel in time, and attempts to change his past in hopes of improving his future. This cheesy and sappy film is one of the few romantic comedies that beautifully capture the authentic truths and importance of living and being in the present. This perfect rom-com is both emotionally thoughtful and surprisingly human when the plot follows two lovers on their soft and sweet journey that faces the harsh demands of reality. About Time will leave you appreciating the little moments that make life feel magical.

If you want to recommend a film, or have your own film review featured on our website, send us an email at wonderszine@gmail.com!

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