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poet portfolio: atari poetry

Poet: Tyree Storey

Age: 25

Location: Leeds, UK

Instagram: @atari_poety

Cherry Blossom

"This was a piece that I wrote for my partner, Holly. We were relaxing on the sofa one Sunday afternoon and I just had this awakening realising how intertwined and love-filled our relationship was, leading me to recount our first summer haze together."

You can download Tyree's free e-book here

Here are some additional pieces of Tyree's work:

Purple Teeth

"A poem on addictive tendencies."

Hanging Dreams Upon My Teeth



Cowboys & Indians

"For innocent summers as a child."

Scooping A Honeyed Sky

"A recollection of a pure kind of memory."

Dirty Old River

"For the Thames and its stories."

Tyree's works will be published in Issue 01 of Wonders Zine

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